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The Building of the Straw Bear Suit (2005)

Mini Straw Bear Parade - Park Lane Primary School - January 2016

mini straw bear

The Early Years children were delighted at the 2016 Festival when they enjoyed their own Mini Straw Bear Parade. Many of the Whittlesea Straw Bearers came to Park Lane and played their wonderful instruments so the children could dance to the Straw Bear tune. The children found out all about the Straw Bear and were delighted to watch Grace Randall being dressed up in the Little Bear costume. The Little Bear and her ‘keeper’ Ruby Cross led the parade around the hall and we were all soon dancing to the Straw Bear tune. 

We would all really like to thank the Straw Bearers, Ruby and Grace for a superb afternoon that was greatly enjoyed by all.

mini straw bear

straw bear festival 2016

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