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The Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival 2014


Event Where Date/Time Guests
School Sessions

These sessions are not open to the general public
Alderman Jacobs School Thursday 8th Jan
Keith Donnelly
New Road School Thursday 8th Jan
Keith Donnelly
Park Lane School Friday 9th Jan
Keith Donnelly
Coates School Friday 9th Jan
Keith Donnelly
Sir Harry Smith Community College Friday 9th Jan
(All Day)
Patrick Ryan
Friday Concert
Ivy Leaf Club,
Gracious Street
Friday 9th Jan
8:00pm - 11:30pm

Keith Donnelly
& Ock'n'Dough 

Saturday Daytime Around town Saturday 10th Jan
10:30am - 3:30pm
Various Dance Teams and THE BEARS
Story Teller Sessions Whittlesey Methodist / United  Reformed Church, Queen Street Saturday 10th Jan
Sessions at:
12:30pm, 1:30pm and 2:30pm
Patrick Ryan
Library Sessions Library Saturday 10th Jan
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Poets United
Saturday 10th Jan
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Dan Evans
Saturday 10th Jan
3:30pm - 4:30pm
Poets United
Saturday Barn Dance

Bar available
Sir Harry Smith Community College Saturday 10th Jan
8:00pm -11:30pm
Black Beards Tea Party
Sunday Burning
Bar available
Sir Harry Smith Community College Sunday 12th Jan
12:00pm - 2:30pm
Various Dance Teams and Separate Music Sessions


Phil Hare

Creole Brothers

Liam Robinson


Team Style Web Address    
Alderman Jacobs Molly  

Bakanalia Border Morris Border www.bakanalia.com

Black Swan Rapper www.blackswanrapper.co.uk

Bourne Borderers Border www.bourneborderers.co.uk

Braybrooke Morris Cotswold www.braybrookemorris.blogspot.co.uk

Chiltern Hundreds North West www.chilternhundredsmorris.co.uk

Chinewrde North West www.chinewrde.co.uk

Cinquefoil Rapper Rapper www.cinquefoilrapper.org.uk

Crosskey Clog North West www.crosskeyclog.org

Ely & Littleport Riot Ladies www.elriot.co.uk

Gog Magog Molly Molly www.gogmagogmolly.org.uk

Goathland Plough Stots Longsword www.goathlandploughstots.co.uk

Haddenham Hoofers Appalachian  

Hemlock Morris Cotswold www.hemlockmorris.com

Kemp's Men Cotswold www.kempsmen.org.uk

Manor Mill Morris North west www.manormillmorris.wordpress.com

Mepal Molly Molly www.facebook.com/MepalMolly

Midwinter Mummers Mummers

Minster Strays Border www.minsterstrays.org.uk

New Road Molly Molly  

Old Glory Molly Molly www.old-glory.org.uk

Old Hunts Molly Molly www.fenstantonmorris.org.uk

Ox Blood Molly Molly

Park Lane Molly Molly  

Peterborough Morris Cotswold www.peterboroughmorris.co.uk

Pig Dyke Molly Molly www.pigdyke.co.uk

Pretty Grim Border www.prettygrim.weebly.com

Rivington Morris North west www.rivingtonmorris.org.uk

Rutland Morris Border & Cotswold www.morrismen.org.uk

Seven Champs Molly www.sevenchampions.org.uk

Stevenage Sword Rapper www.stevenagesword.org.uk

Summertown Morris (Lisa) Cotswold www.summertownmorris.wordpress.com

Tap & Sync Pam and Nigel Appalachian www.facebook.com/TapAndSync

The King's Morris Cotswold www.thekingsmorris.co.uk

Tyler's Men Border www.oldhob.com/tylersmen/

White Rose Morris Cotswold www.whiterosemorrismen.org.uk

Witchmen Border Morris Border www.witchmen.com


Professor Squeezyjig

Bernard Wrigley

Jess Morgan

Black Scarr

Peter Optical

Poets United

Steam Chicken

Ray & Bev Langton

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