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Please check back soon for the full listing for next Straw Bear Festival

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straw bear burning
Sunday Burning / picture courtesy of Steffan Swingler (sb.swingler@live.co.uk)

*These sessions are not open to the general public.

Watch this space for the Dance Team Download

Here is a list of Dance Teams that have previously danced at your Festival

Team Style Web Address
Alderman Jacobs Molly www.aldermanjacobs.cambs.sch.uk
Clausentum Morris Cotswold www.clausentummorris.weebly.com
Cricket on the Hearth Appalachian www.facebook.com/Cricket-On-The-Hearth-847789675257366/
Danegald Morris North West www.danegeld.org.uk
Earlsdon North West www.earlsdonmorrismen.org.uk
Ely & Littleport Riot Ladies www.elriot.co.uk
Gog Magog Molly Molly www.gogmagogmolly.org.uk
Hemlock Morris Cotswold www.hemlockmorris.com
Hexadaisy Cotswold www.hexadaisy.weebly.com
Kemps Men Of Norwich Cotswold www.kempsmen.org.uk
Kick Start Apalachian Appalachian www.facebook.com/KickStartAppalachian/
Manor Mill Morris North west www.manormillmorris.wordpress.com
Mepal Molly Molly
Midwinter Mummers Mummers
Minster Strays Border www.minsterstrays.org.uk
New Road Molly Molly www.newroadprimary.com
North Green Sword (Coates) Longsword www.coatesprimaryschool.info
Old Glory Molly Molly www.old-glory.org.uk
Ouse Washes Molly www.ousewashesmolly.uk
Park Lane Molly Molly www.parklaneprimary.com
Pecsaetan Morris Cotswold www.pecsaetan.co.uk
Peterborough Morris Cotswold www.peterboroughmorris.co.uk
Pig Dyke Molly Molly www.pigdyke.co.uk
Ramrugge Morris North West www.ramrugge.org.uk/index.html
Ramsey Junior School Molly Dancers Molly www.ramseyjuniorschool.co.uk
Rattlejag Plough Morris www.rattlejagmorris.org.uk
Red Leicester Border www.leicestermorrismen.co.uk
Rockingham Rapper Rapper www.rockinghamrapper.org.uk
Rutland Morris Border & Cotswold www.morrismen.org.uk
Stevenage Sword Rapper www.stevenagesword.org.uk
Tap & Sync Appalachian www.facebook.com/TapAndSync/
The King's Morris Cotswold www.kingsmorris.co.uk
Tyler's Men Border www.tylersmen.wordpress.com
Waters Green Morris Cotswold www.watersgreenmorris.weebly.com
White Rose Morris Cotswold www.whiterose.byethost15.com
Witchmen Border Morris Border www.witchmen.com


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Please visit the Peterborough Folk Diary for details of other folk events in the Peterborough area www.peterboroughfolkdiary.org.uk.


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